Patterned Lives

by Thieves and Assassins

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Patterned Lives was recorded by Phil Douglas and mastered by Azimuth Mastering.


released September 17, 2011

Chris Gleason- Percussion
Jeremy Roman- Guitars
Dan Brenner- Guitars
Tim Chimenti- Bass
Duncan MacDougal- Vocals



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Thieves and Assassins

Thieves and Assassins is a band from Long Island. In one form or another, they have been playing and writing music together since 2004.

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Track Name: Imagery
Right here/where images are sold to spark a feeling/of fear and pain, man/of bravery/photograph and sketch/color scheme and how you stand, man/there's language in your countenance and your posturing/it's just all to convey what you want/but imagery can deceive/what you see isn't what it seems/they force associations to create themselves any way they choose/i don't trust my impressions/my senses lie to me/we're all merchants here trading in patterns/not how we feel/we trade in self-preservation 'round here/clearly marked price tags on our ideas/we're all just merchants 'round here/we set the price on how we feel/no/don't sell me you/you're so much more than imagery and the patterned life you know/just give me you/reveal yourself/so frightening and so uniquely true/again and again and again
Track Name: Clutter
you can't take it all with you/each piece of your past/bookshelves of relics/flyers and photographs/cover these walls/your first page of lyrics so vague and haphazardly scrawled/just fight the way you feel inside/take your time to find out what's right to leave behind/decide/separate yourself from the mentality that things encapsulate memories/so let go of the books, worn out t-shirts you loved/they're just clutter/they mean nothing now/but you can't help the feeling to save everything so you drown/and you can't fight your way out to save your life x 2/you can't fight your way out anymore/all the symbols you clutch/aid your delusion of how pure your life once was/just let go of that urge to attain what's unattainable/don't be so naive/you're choking the present 'cause your past won't let you breathe/open up your eyes/it might just save your life
Track Name: This Land
you're looking up and the sun looks gold/but you can't wait for miracles/when you're down on your luck and looking for work around New York, you go/don't blame yourself don't give in/that's just how they like it/"the well dried up, 'cause you weren't thirsty enough"/don't blame yourself don't give in/that's just how they like it/"the poor are poor 'cause they didn't work hard enough"/when prices go up, you fight but you're caught in a current/when you're drowning to live, it's time to leave/so you're chasing the sun all over highway 101/dreaming American dreams/self-made man, t-shirt, blue jeans/what manifests is the myth of our destiny/what you working and dying for?/another dream that you can't afford?/you're looking all over California for one that could be yours/it's just your luck/you tramped from L.A. to San Fransisco/there's no gold to dig, no land to claim/and all of the plains have been bought up or sold by corporations/dreaming.../of self.../man, what.../destiny?
Track Name: Narcoticism
it's time to pull the shades/kill the lights and wait/wade in solitude/I want to write a song so right that it's wrong/that every time you hear that tune you cry/I want to write the words that you've never heard/every word so bold and new/I want to write a song for everything that's wrong/and everything I am/you must know/you'll never find me/open wide free of doubt, not anymore/you'll never find me/and I don't know how to say anything anymore/I feel no connection to anything beyond that door/an island on the second floor/I can't escape/nothing penetrates/not anymore/no, it didn't before/this bedroom's the perfect metaphor/with windows sealed I can feel the disconnect/between me and them out in the hall/they wait for me to say something/"I want to reach you"/this consciousness/an isolated mind/is a consequence/of our design/been scared to bridge this divide/so scared to bridge/you must know/you'll never find me/open wide free of doubt/not anymore/you'll never find me/honestly/you'll never find...
Track Name: Minds of Men
you kneel and pray to the minds of men/to the kingdoms forged/the monuments/kneel to every cross in their hands/for loyalty to crowns and kings/you'd sacrifice your entire being/and offer the light that you bare with hopeful open hands/but then a light within reveals a shape you've never seen/that jars you until you fall away from yourself/it's compelling and sounds of harmony/start to cut between every single solitary space inside everything/it's beautiful/the omnipresent harmony/when it cuts inside your mind and stays/never should you waste a single ounce of what it gives to you/the life/the death/the ecstasy/the sacrifice/the light/the shame/it jars you until you fall away/from everything/there's too much pain/there's too much love/there's too much rage/to navigate/now we're forced to wade through what we've seen/to navigate/to navigate/to navigate/while tied to the weights of memories/what's locked within the minds of men/will overwhelm us all
Track Name: Characters
prying eyes at the register/so suddenly on guard/we're just here for some cigarettes/but your face just turned so hard/fuck your ideas of who we are/what you think is wrong/we don't need your acceptance or your blessing to move on/and what you see/we can't control/you don't see us/just characters your consciousness constructs/and what you see/we can't control/you don't see us/just characters/undeserving of each others' love/we should not feel that we're wrong/won't let us feel/bound by what you see/we can't control/you don't see us/just characters your consciousness constructs/and what you see/we can't control/you don't see us/just characters/undeserving of each others' love/for every eye that lingers/for every time we're made to feel/less than human/less than real/we'll combat all with indifference/not for protest/just for love/for love/you don't deserve/every eye that stares/stares of hatred/show their weaknesses/and every eye/that stares and stares/you don't deserve
Track Name: Key Holes
staring at eternity through key holes/of existence/our bodies/our minds/our souls/trying to feel the true presence of/youth and spirit and truth/with no limitations/how can we see forever?/we can't even see each other/right now for what we really are/why can we see forever?/we can't even see each other/right now for what we really are/the carriers of eternity's findings/blessed with hearts of youth/you tell me the truth/can you see me?/can I see you?/can we convey what's beyond words with new language and new truth?/man, tell me the truth
Track Name: Transcend
your eyes are fixed to eternity/only attend to your spirit's peace/your flesh is rotting away/you can't feed yourself with drugs and prayer/you say this material world gives only pain/I say beatific smiles always change/the last time I saw you/you were standing right here, Matthew/that same book in your hand/wrinkled with time/you cherished every word, every line/now here you are/tired soul/shoes are worn/you spend your time trying to unlearn/each annotated page/and the manic grace/and every single day when you used to say/you'd say/transcend experience/transcend experience/transcend experience/transcendence.../the search for transcendence/it was the catalyst/the search for holiness/it tore you to shreds/no the answers found didn't offer you grace/no the answers found didn't offer you grace/no way/understand/you'll never be that kid again